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TO RECEIVE YOUR INFORMATION MORE QUICKLY AND EASILY: Organizations are standing by to assist you with finding the fundraiser that is right for you. Click here and fill in our free information form. You will recieve fundraising information and ideas to help you decide what kind of fundraiser is best for you. Click here for free fundraising information.

A Few Fundraisers for Sports Teams to Consider

10,000 dollars -- the amount your group could be raising
Selling fresh Florida fruit is an easy way to raise large sums of money very quickly. Average $10.00 for every box sold. Click here to request free information. Our free information packet has everything you need to get started.
100% Profit and FREE SAMPLES of Scratch and Give Cards
Earn more money faster than you ever imagined. Keep 100% of your profits! Earn immediate CASH for your cause. Scratch and Give is the fastest, easiest and most profitable fundraiser available. Nothing to sell and no products to deliver. Contact us to day for Free Samples. Also, free shipping and free imprinting our your groups name with every order. Don't wait you could be raising money now!
40-50% Profit for your sports team fundraiser with Celebrating Home Fundraising!
Are you looking for an affordably priced, easy to sell fundraising program ideal for any sports team fundraiser? Celebrating Home (formerly Home Interiors, H&GP;) offers Soy Candles, Gift Wrap/Gift Bags, and Cookie Dough. High Profit, Traditional and Online Sales, Free Brochures, Youth Prize Program, and Presorting. Visit our website to learn more!
50-60% Profit Fundraising! - No Cost Fundraisers! - Pre-Sorting!
FREE Delivery, Brochures & Order Forms! - Done Fundraisers in 47 States! - SFI Fundraising has 20 Excellent Fundraisers from $6.00-$15.00! - A SMALL GROUP selling our $10.00 Fundraiser can make: (25 members selling 25 items each = $3,125.00!!!) - A MEDIUM SIZE GROUP: (250 members selling 10 items each = $13,750.00 Profit)!!! - A LARGE GROUP: (500 members selling 10 items each = $30.000.00 Profit!!!)
60% Profit! -- No Up-Front Cost! -- FREE Delivery! -- Have Done Fundraisers in 47 States! -- Please visit:
FREE Catalogs & Order Forms! -- Fundraisers: Gourmet & Healthy Snacks! -- Cookie Dough! -- Pizza! -- Candles! -- Candy! -- Chocolate! -- Nuts! -- Peanuts! -- Trail Mixes! -- Dried Fruit Mixes! -- Popcorn! -- Caramel Popcorn! -- Cookie Dough and Pizza! (3-lb. Tubs & 5-pack of 6" Mini, Personal or Individual Pizzas) -- Schedule a Fundraiser NOW! -- Call All Star1 Fund Raising at 1/800-642-4766!!!
A Fundraiser for all Sports Fundraising Events offers your team or league a wide selection of proven fundraising programs including scratch cards, chocolate, candy, cookie dough, lollipops, beef jerky, gift cards, magazines, an online fundraising program and more! So no matter what type of sports fundraiser you need -- baseball, cheerleading, football, hockey, basketball, dance, soccer and more -- we'll find the fundraiser that's right for you! Call 1-800-561-8388 for more information.
Assorted Sports Fundraising Programs
Choose from various fundraisers like candy, cookie dough, scratch boards, spirit items, first aid kits, nuts & snacks, pizza cards and more. Up to 90% profit and free shipping.1-800-574-3899.
Best Fundraiser of All Times - Pizza Card Fundraiser
Cards can be used up to 36 times for only a $10 donation. Make $5 on every card you sell! Most groups qualify for 30 days to sell what you can (upon approval). Return up to 50% of unsold cards within 30 days. In addition to 50% profit, you get your choice of either prizes or 10% in free cards! 6 major pizza brands and more! We will add more upon request! Click here for free information about "The Best Fundraiser of All Times!"
Looking for a great sports fundraising idea? Check out CharityMania! Providing unique sports based fundraisers, our fundraisers are fun, easy-to-manage and very profitable. It?s a perfect choice for youth sports teams, adult athletics or leagues of any size. Your sports organization profits over 70% with every sale! So don?t delay, start your CharityMania sports fund raising today! 888-909-9994
Little Caesars Fundraising Program
A PROFITABLE & EASY way to raise money for things that you need. The more you sell, the more profit you earn per item ? from $5 to $7 for every kit sold! We?ll provide you with everything you need, including FREE order forms, tally sheets and selling posters. Little Caesars is a name people LOVE and TRUST. Ask us about special offers that may apply to your sale! Call us today 1-888-4-LC-KITS (1-888-452-5487).
Sports Fundraiser with 90% Profit! No Money Down! Free Samples!
Top 5 Sports Fundraisers with 90% Profit & No Money Down. Get Free samples from ABC Fundraising! #1 Sports Fundraising Ideas! Click here to get your free sample!
Sports Fundraisers For All Teams and Associations
Ultimate Fundraising Inc. works to provide sport teams and associations with fundraisers that offer qaulity products that are easy to sell and profitable. We have you covered this season!
Unique Custom Logo Items!
Our Custom logo mats are a unique and proven fundraiser. Send us your mascot and we'll create your artwork for FREE! No Set-up! Free Shipping! Sell from a brochure or purchase & sell at your concession stand. This item makes a great gift. Visit our site or call us at 888.584.0399
Unique Customized Fundraising Programs
Are you tired of offering the same products for your fundraiser? Are you looking for something different? Star Fundraising offers over 100 fundraising products/programs that can be customized to fit your groups individual fundraising needs. Let us help your group earn thousands of $$$ instead of hundreds as we offer up to 81% profit. Check us out you will be glad you did.